Academic activities

We impart education to students to attain academic excellence as well as develop their personalities. Students understand the meaning and scope of the subject and get in-depth knowledge of the same. Besides this we also have the following activities:

A) Curricular activities

  1. Orientation bridge course : This is a unique and an innovative feature of our college. Under this, we organize lectures of various subject experts who enlighten the F. Y. students as to how each subject will be helpful in their career. It also helps them to select their specialization subject for their bachelor's degree.
  2. Remedial coaching : We arrange remedial coaching for the academically weak students. Their grasping power and needs are kept in mind while teaching them the subjects they are weak in.
  3. Special guidance scheme : It is a skill to write an examination paper and present it well. The F. Y. students are taught the technique of writing an examination paper. Difficult topics of the syllabus are explained. This is beneficial to all the students, especially to those who have backlogs.
  4. Guest lecture series : Every year we invite eminent subject experts and arrange a guest lecture series. These lectures help students to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  5. Induction Programme : At the beginning of every academic year, the BBA and BBA (CA) students have an Induction Programme. Here experts from various industries are invited to give an insight into the present corporate scenario. Besides this, they specify the relevance of their subjects in business, IT and management. This helps students to prepare themselves for the coming year as well as plan for the future.

B) Co-curricular activities

  1. Art circle : Under this activity we arrange dance, dramatics, elocution workshops and competitions etc. We participate in the renowned intercollegiate competitions like Purushottam Karandak, Firodia Karandak, Sakal Karandak and Sinhagadh Karandak etc. Every year we arrange our annual social gathering under this circle.
  2. Career guidance : Renowned experts are invited to guide our students to make the best possible choices regarding their careers. Different opportunities available in various fields and the educational qualifications required for the same are also explained to them.
  3. Soft skills development programme : This is conducted every year for the T. Y. B. Com students. It enhances their communication skills, develops their personality and makes them confident. In short, it grooms, polishes and prepares them to step into the real world.
  4. Students' council : A students' council is formed every year. Students with leadership qualities are chosen. These members help to arrange various programmes in the college. They also are representatives of students and act as a link between the Faculty and the students. Problems of students are solved with mutual understanding.
  5. Management week : The college conducts a management week every year for the B. B. A. and the B. C. A. students. It prepares them to face the corporate world. Various activities, games, sessions and lectures are organised on topics like self awareness and analysis, image branding, career streaming, goal setting, entrepreneurship development, manners and etiquettes and so on. It is conducted by professional and corporate trainers. It helps the students to develop their personality, improve their communication skills, know themselves better and lead a successful well balanced Life.
  6. Business day : Girls are encouraged to participate in the business day. Here stalls are put up by the students where they sell various products right from bindis, gift articles, snacks, imitation handmade jewelry etc. They are inspired and encouraged to become entrepreneurs. They learn management skills, costing, marketing, communication, team work, budgeting and also enjoy the profits. Even the shy girls become enterprising.
  7. Documentary films : Study related documentary and short films are shown to the students. CD's are also shown. This helps them to understand the subjects better with live examples.
  8. Industrial visits and study tours : The B. B. A. and B. C. A. students are given industrial exposure so that they learn what exactly happens in an industry. The students have to prepare projects based on this. The B. Com girls are also taken on Study tours in and around Pune.
  9. Commerce lab : Girls are encouraged to prepare wall papers on various subjects which are displayed in the commerce lab. Allied projects are also available for reference. Also various models prepared by students are exhibited here.
  10. Language lab : The Language lab in our college is well-equipped with audio cassettes for English Language learners. The students can listen to the audio by using its headsets/ microphones. They repeat it, after that. The language instructors train them to speak & to listen. The Language lab provides equal opportunity to all students to hear the instructor and to be heard by him/her. The head set provides the students with a psychological privacy that promotes their speaking ability. The use of Language Learning System encourages the students to talk freely in front of others. The students develop their listening and speaking skill through language lab. Thus language lab contributes to students' linguistic development.

C) Extra-curricular / extension activities

  1. N. S. S. (National Service Scheme) : National Service Scheme (NSS) has been introduced at Savitribai Phule Pune University since 1969 as a part of the academic programs and since then NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of our university education. The objective of the scheme is educational and service to the community is the activity through which the objective is sought to be achieved.
    In our college since 2002 NSS activities are going as a part of the college academic programs. It is a student-cantered program in which various projects are implemented by the NSS volunteers in the community in close collaboration with the community and thereby it provides vast scope for the student's interaction with the people. To start with our NSS unit was of 50 volunteers, now we have 200 NSS volunteers.
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  2. N. C. C. (National Cadet Corps): The college has a unit of N. C. C. attached to the Second Maharashtra Girls' Battalion. Many girls have attended national level camps and have also cleared the b and c certificate examinations.
  3. Students Welfare Association : This department consists of the Vidyarthini Maanch, disaster management workshop, personality development programme, Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan, under which guidance is provided in developing leadership qualities, self defense etc. The earn and learn scheme is granted to the college by the Savitribai Phule Pune University. Many students have benefited through this scheme. Students work in our computer lab, college office, library, gymkhana etc. They get work experience along with some financial help under this scheme.
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  4. Bahishaal : Under this department, we organize Babasaheb Jaykar lecture series in association with the Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  5. Department of sports and physical education : Our college encourages and promotes talented students in the field of sports. Discipline and excellence in sports are special features of our college. Maintenance of physical and mental fitness is ensured through our well equipped gym with the latest instruments and also a Table Tennis hall, Badminton court, Volley-ball ground and a Basket-ball court. Every year girls from our college participate in university, state, national and international competitions. We also conduct intercollegiate and inter-zonal competitions. Every year in January, we have interclass sports festival (Krida Mohatsav) to encourage our students. We also honor sports talent by giving a sports scholarship every year.
  6. Seminars and workshops : Our college arranges various workshops for students' development and enrichment of their personalities. Lectures and discussions on topics such as health, law, women's empowerment, information technology etc. are conducted.
  7. Entrepreneur talent hunt : We arrange interviews of eminent authors, literati, social activists, small scale industrialists, self employed citizens and financial organizations. This inspires our students to become good entrepreneurs.
  8. Anti-Women Redressal Cell: As per the requirement of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Anti-women Redressal Cell is established and effectively functioning in the college. In case of any difficulties in and around college, students approach to the committee. It helps students to resolve their emotional, social, mental and physical difficulties. The committee includes Principal as Preciding Officer, Representatitive of NGO, two members and secretary.

D) Intra-college competitions

We arrange different competitions for students with a view to give scope to their talent. We arrange the following competitions such as drawing, painting, rangoli, mehendi, hair style, cookery, dance, photography, Miss H. M. V. M., sports festival, quiz, essay competition, elocution, debates etc.

E) Student support services

  1. Scholarships : Each and every student in India has the right to education. So in our college we help poor students by providing them with scholarships given by the Government of India (Samajkalyan)
  2. Computer Lab : We have a well equipped computer lab. We provide internet facility to students. We have computers with new updated software.
  3. Library : The college provides a well equipped automated library with various reference books, text books and national and international periodicals. Proper guidance is given to the students on information resources. Internet facilities are available. Students should follow instructions displayed in the library .
  4. Parent-teacher meeting : Every year we organise a parents-teachers meeting. In the meeting there is an open talk about difficulties faced by students and their possible solutions.
  5. Student counselling : We provide counselling facility to students. A special counselor is appointed for our students.
  6. Placement cell : The college runs a placement cell which organizes placement seminars, campus interviews etc. For the benefit of students. Many of our students avail themselves of the activities of this cell and get employment and guidance for the same.
  7. Grievance and redressal cell : A 'Mahila Takrar Nivaran Samitee' was inaugurated in the year 2013-2014. The aim of this cell is to help the girls solve their problems, academic as well as personal.
  8. Anti ragging cell : This cell aims to prohibit ragging in the college. Read more...
  9. Right to Information (RTI): RTI cell is established and effectively functioning in the college. The cell promotes transparency and accountability in the working at all levels. The committee includes Public Information Officer, RTI Officer, and Assistant RTI Officer.